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InSitu Fluid Analyzer

Real-time downhole fluid analysis system

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Real-time fluid answers—No more waiting for laboratory analysis

The InSitu Fluid Analyzer real-time downhole fluid analysis (DFA) system integrates various sensors making quantitative fluid properties measurements to deliver a comprehensive characterization of reservoir fluids at reservoir conditions.

Quantified, accurate fluid data that was previously unachievable from wireline logs or the laboratory analysis of collected samples is now possible:

  • hydrocarbon composition (C1, C2, C3–C5, and C6+)
  • gas/oil ratio (GOR)
  • live-oil density and viscosity
  • CO2
  • pH of water (aquifer, connate, injection, or water-based mud [WBM] filtrate)
  • reservoir fluid color
  • free-gas detection
  • downhole fluorescence (dew precipitation in retrograde gas condensates)
  • flowline pressure and temperature (regime of the sample chamber, not the probe)
  • resistivity of reservoir water
  • oil-based mud (OBM) filtrate contamination.
InSitu Fluid Analyzer service
InSitu Fluid Analyzer system integrates multiple InSitu Family downhole quantitative fluid properties measurements and sensors.

Investigate and quantify fluids at their source: your reservoir.

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