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Global geothermal power
The ~16 GW of geothermal power currently installed is just the tip of the iceberg—the global capacity potential is estimated by IHS Markit to be nearly 20× more. (Source: ThinkGeoEnergy Research, 2022)

Let’s build our energy future, together

Countries around the world are looking down new paths for dependable energy. Creating the plan to power tomorrow’s needs starts now.

Working in the subsurface for more than 100 years, SLB is proud to be a part of 80% of the world’s geothermal projects. Our GeothermEx geothermal consulting services cover the full spectrum of geothermal operations. We leverage our digital, well construction, and field development expertise to plan and execute your project. Together, we’ll make sustainable energy accessible.

Our product and services

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    Geothermal Consulting Services

    Delivering natural energy power that sits just below your feet. View

  • Subsurface modeling and evaluation
    Subsurface Modeling & Evaluation

    Trust your geothermal project to leading tech and expertise. View

  • Geothermal Wellhead Systems
    Geothermal Wellhead Systems
    Fluid control systems for geothermal wells

    Enhance efficiency in thermally enhanced (steam injection) recovery, waste disposal, and hot-water wells. View

  •  REDA Thermal pumps efficiently manage harsh conditions of high-enthalpy geothermal wells.
    REDA Thermal
    Power-efficient geothermal electric submersible pump

    Reliable, high-flow-rate pumps for high-enthalpy geothermal systems. View

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Driving energy innovation

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    Decarbonizing Industry

    Working together to abate emissions. View

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    Delivering Digital at Scale

    Accelerating your time to value. View

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    Innovating in Oil & Gas

    Improving performance in the oil and gas industry. View

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    Scaling New Energy Systems

    Accelerating the transition to low-carbon energy. View