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Geothermal consulting services

Delivering natural energy power

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An infinite supply of energy sits just below your feet

It’s geothermal energy, and it’s sitting there, ready to be tapped 24/7. Now, how do you get to it? With the right expert and experienced partner to guide you through the entire life cycle of your energy project.

A window into the geothermal industry

Our GeothermEx geothermal consulting services walk you through everything you need to know about geothermal. From geological and geophysical components to power plant design, construction, and maintenance of your geothermal project, GeothermEx services translate industry knowledge to actionable advice.

GeothermEx projects worldwide
GeothermEx has been involved in 80% of all operating geothermal power projects worldwide.
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Harness geothermal energy

Geothermal energy can be difficult to navigate if you’re not an expert. We leverage our decades-long GeothermEx services to reduce your risk and inform you how to harness this abundant natural resource. SLB interprets geothermal data with focus and broad subsurface and surface experience. With this experience and leadership, we make sure you know the crucial details about your development.