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Geoenergy for heating & cooling

A natural way to regulate building temperature

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Addressing a large source of carbon emissions

One of the world’s biggest sources of CO2 emissions comes from the heating and cooling of buildings. Unfortunately, keeping our indoor climates comfortable is making our outdoor environments unlivable. And as temperatures become more extreme, the problem will only become worse.

How can we fix it?

A natural way to heat and cool buildings

The answer is right under our feet. Leveraging Celsius Energy, geoenergy for heating and cooling buildings, SLB can use the temperature below the surface to regulate the climate of your buildings. The Celsius Energy geoenergy system not only helps drastically lower your CO2 emissions—it also provides heating and cooling reliability while saving energy costs.

Process makes perfect—how the geoenergy system works for you

Our unique pyramid-shaped energy exchanger enables the system to keep a small footprint, making it suitable for both new and existing buildings—even in dense urban areas. And by generating both heating and cooling from the same system, we optimize efficiency to reduce your environmental impact. This is made possible by SLB’s unmatched subsurface expertise and technology leadership. We work with you from the design phase to the implementation of your system. The end result is a turnkey, digitally controlled system that minimizes energy consumption while managing your building’s temperature control needs.