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Embedded partners and suppliers

Supply in the Field

Competing in today’s global economy

We know that strong relationships with our suppliers are more important than ever to our ability to meet our own and our customers' needs.

Our preferred suppliers are those that work with us in a professional, ethical, competitive, and cost-effective manner consistent with our policies, procedures, and business objectives.

In evaluating potential suppliers, SLB considers many factors, including delivery, price, reliability, environmental and social responsibility, operational costs, and after-sales support. We procure goods and services only from financially stable, technically qualified, and reliable sources.


Delivering value to customers through our supply chain

SLB engages with our global and local suppliers in different ways, from supplier contracts to initiatives like our Supplier Innovation Program. All to deliver innovative, agile, and resilient products and services to our customers.

Supplier innovation program

Our business leaders join with leaders of our key suppliers to discuss joint projects and innovative solutions that will improve performance—and create mutual value.

The Supplier Innovation Program focuses on driving high performance in a sustainable manner through three main channels: collaboration, innovation, and value.

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Supply Chain

How to participate in the Supplier Innovation Program

If you have innovative ideas that can help us together become more agile and leaders in sustainability, reach out to your SLB supplier manager or email an inquiry.

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Resources for suppliers
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Become a Supplier to SLB
We work with our suppliers in a socially responsible and ethical manner and are continuously looking for ways to improve how we run our business.
Become a Supplier to SLB
What is expected to become a supplier.
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Guidelines for Existing Suppliers
Our aim is to provide existing and potential suppliers the same opportunity to compete openly and fairly through sourcing events.
Guidelines for Existing Suppliers
Procurement cycle and requirements for SLB suppliers.
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Sustainable Supply Chain
We are environmentally, economically and socially responsible and protect human rights throughout our supply chain.
Sustainable Supply Chain
Schlumberger is committed to operating ethically and in an environmentally, economically and socially responsible manner.