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Why become a Digital Platform Partner?

The fastest, most cost-effective path to global energy customers.

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Introducing the Digital Platform Partner Program
A new program that connects digital innovators to our customers through our open digital platforms.

Open the door to opportunities

Being a Digital Platform Partner opens doors to new opportunities. With an industry leader behind you, you’ll have all the resources, testing protocols, and commercial processes to inspire confidence in your customers.

Get Your Application to Market Quickly

Avoid the time and cost associated with being cloud ready by using our scalable, standards-compliant platform.

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Instantly Reach New Customers

Once live, Digital Platform Partner apps are instantly available for our customers around the world to purchase minimizing delays associated with activities such as getting on approved vendor lists.

Trusted Platform

Partners will de-risk their go-to-market strategy by associating with a trusted digital platform. Onboarding and operational readiness processes ensure that partner workflows attain the same standard of cybersecurity, trade control and compliance, and interoperability as SLB-deployed apps

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Investment and Partner Support

A tangible benefit of being a Digital Platform Partner is that SLB will invest in your success. Our investment in you during the build, market, and sales phases is designed to help you get live quickly, maximize your market reach, and achieve business success quickly. 

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Partner Spotlight: Resoptima

Read about how being a Digital Platform Partner has helped accelerate Resoptima's success.

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Going to Market on Delfi? We'll invest in your success.

Digital Platform Partners who choose to deploy their workflows on Delfi will receive tangible benefits along the go-to-market journey.

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Become a Digital Platform Partner

Start selling to our global community and reap the benefits of a partnership with us. Complete the form and an Openness Team member will get back to you within 48 hours.

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