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Data solutions

Digitally transform your E&P operations and maximize asset value

Data Solutions On-Premise
Oil and Gas Cloud Solutions

Planning timelines slashed, unmatched efficiency increases, and production optimization

The book on traditional oil and gas operations has been rewritten by our cloud-based digital solutions. In all domains, processes that previously took weeks and months are now completed in days and hours. Decisions are based on up-to-the-minute insights from all data sources, and production is fully optimized across global asset portfolios.

Our products and services

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    Delfi Data Science
    AI and analytics solutions for energy workflows

    Build, manage, and deploy AI to solve your day-to-day challenges. View

  • Data Management
    Data Management
    Drive efficiency, innovation, and productivity by streamlining your data workspace with our open data-management platforms

    Get the most from your data with our fully unified, AI-enhanced package of products and services, bringing data to the center of every decision you make View