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Carbon capture, utilization & sequestration

We have the tech, talent, and experience to take on your biggest carbon challenges—all in one place

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Partner with SLB on the path to net zero

As we all face the impacts of climate change, carbon remains a complex obstacle in emissions for companies across the globe. Managing the full life cycle of carbon emissions efficiently is critical for meeting today’s climate goals.

SLB helped pioneer carbon capture and storage solutions. We have more than three decades of experience under our belts—and we still have further to go. Our products and services for carbon capture, utilization, and sequestration (CCUS) combine subsurface and surface expertise and technologies for an end-to-end partnership you can count on.

Our products and services

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    CCUS Project Solutions & Services

    Projects fit to your objectives using consultancy, partnerships, and flexible business models. View

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    Carbon Capture & Processing

    Processing systems knowledge and intelligent software to help determine the capture technology fit for you. View

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    Carbon Transport

    Captured carbon only goes as far as delivering it with the highest safety and optimization in mind. View

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    Carbon Sequestration Selection & Design

    Planning the carbon storage site with capacity, injectivity, and containment in mind. View

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    Carbon Sequestration Construction

    Depend on SLB to maintain the integrity of your carbon storage for the future. View

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    Carbon Monitoring, Verification & Reporting

    Proactive and integrated monitoring to keep your carbon sequestration operations running smoothly. View

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Driving energy innovation

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    Decarbonizing Industry

    Working together to abate emissions. View

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    Delivering Digital at Scale

    Accelerating your time to value. View

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    Innovating in Oil & Gas

    Improving performance in the oil and gas industry. View

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    Scaling New Energy Systems

    Accelerating the transition to low-carbon energy. View