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Asset planning

Accelerate decision making and improve value at every stage of development

Asset Planning
Asset Planning

Future-proof your subsea asset

A planning solution that starts from the reservoir and integrates collaboration, simulation, and visualization with OEM insight means you can optimize concept selection by conducting multiple scenarios while evaluating the economics and estimating emissions. You’ll bring it all together faster and build in the flexibility to easily adapt to future changes.

Our products and services

  • FDPlan agile field development planning solution
    Agile field development planning solution

    Transform field development planning. View

  • ExplorePlan accelerated exploration planning solution
    Accelerated exploration planning solution

    Deliver a step-change in streamlining exploration strategies. View

  • 3D Abstract Image for Facility Planner
    Facility Planner on Delfi
    Oil & gas facility scoping, cost estimating, and project planning

    Collaboratively analyze and simulate multiple facility concepts. View

  • Group of people interacting with the Subsea Planner software along side a team of remote operators
    Subsea Planner on DELFI
    Collaborative concept development solution integrating OEM expertise, simulation, and visualization

    Digitally integrate simulation, visualization, and OEM expertise for concept development. View